Salon de Jardin

Over the last few days, we’ve decluttered the conservatory and tried to make it more “outdoorsy”, and I’ve imposed a coffee shop (see Home Street part 1) and a salon space.

This is brilliant for us as it gives us space apart from each other and also a chance to do the things we used to do, although my new balayage roots will indicate otherwise.

I (very proudly) live in Liverpool. And so, it goes without saying, I get my hair dyed, I had acrylic nails. I used to get my eyebrows threaded and dyed and I love a good facial and pedicure. All of which can no longer happen. What was so frustrating but so in-keeping with my luck is that we went into lock-down the eve before my hair appointment! Just one more day Boris, one more!! But sadly no. And whilst the Italian mayors shouting at the locals not to use mobile hair dressers is rather amusing, it is an important message and on reflection its not essential right now, especially as I’m not going anywhere.

So whilst I’m trying to embrace balayage, a trend that doesn’t lend itself to my curls, I do miss my “me time”. So I have created a corner spot in the garden, that’s perfectly positioned to be just out of sight of both neighbours (I do love them but this is me time).

Its not pinterest perfect, but its all mine – my salon de jardin.

Yes, that magazine is very old! No you’ve not been in lock-down so long its Autumn.

In my new revamped conservatory (pics to follow once finalised) is a grab and go bag filled with sunscreen, old flip-flops, sunglasses, insect repellent left over from old holidays (remember those…holidays?) and in the bottle shown (I don’t work for John, and I didn’t actually rate this product but that’s beside the point) is some old expired lemon juice from my fridge clear out the other day. Side note – our house now features many piles of things from clear outs and no tip to take them too.

But I’m trying to reuse where possible, and found the John Frieda bottle during the travel bag clear out and was delighted it had a tiny bit of product in it, so I lobbed the lemon juice into the bottle and am now on my third sunny day of attempting to lighten my roots.

Is it working…no not really. Maybe 15%. Mostly closest to my scalp giving my now 4cm roots an even weirder look. But I had to try and more importantly to me at least, it gives me the excuse to say to the old hubster – do not disturb me, I’m not here I’m at the Salon…de Jardin.

Next to arrive to the Salon is some face mask sheets, moisturising foot socks, and if this lock down continues much longer I’ll have to get one of those feet soaking things! Its not that I’m one for splurging cash but I’m actually trying to continue to support my local Avon lady. Although for now I may just see if I have a plastic tub I can at least cool my feet down in, or maybe even through in some of that home grown mint (if it ever grows!)

Its also randomly helpful, in my case, that the fridge is near to the Salon, not only to keep my nail varnish fresh, but who doesn’t love a nice glass of wine at the salon!

Reuse, Recycle…or even just read!

A good article never goes out of fashion.

Now about those very old magazines. Much like my milk frother, I’m that person that has had that magazine subscription forever. I’m talking 4 house-moves, 2 cities! I usually save them up and read them when I go on holiday (still a bit painful to mention); or on those old train journeys to/from London for work (less painful to mention :-)).

I gathered up various half read and untouched magazines into this pile you see here, the oldest being December 2018. Wheres the OMG emoji when you need it!

So ok fashion comes and goes, and it is weird reading about Christmas parties whilst devouring yet another Easter egg that was meant to be for the god children, but ahem you know its a lock down, so we can’t see them, and someone in a government position somewhere about eating everything we stockpiled, and maybe for me that was Easter eggs.

But (I digress) there are some great articles in these magazines, thought provoking and insightful and even tear jerking. Just because the interview with the actor was a year or more ago doesn’t make their story any less relevant. In fact some more so now. So I encourage you to find your magazines and add it to your new Salon’s! And keep us posted with any inventive solutions you are trying.

If you do want to actually try dying your roots at home, here is a helpful article from sheerluxe.

How to include the minatures

Kids love a little pamper session with their parents. I’ve seen many a dad come to work with a glittery nail. Don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy it. But this can provide a space for you to get little one’s involved in much needed hair cuts and finish off with something fun like a face-mask or nail painting session.

Little one’s can also help with making homemade face-masks from oatmeal, eggs, honey and even avocado. I’m sure a quick google will reveal some sort of recipe for whatever you find in your pantry and fridges.

And if you also have a pile of magazines or newspapers, once you have finished catching up, why not try your hand at paper mache. Again its easy to make with all that flour we all bought and a fun activity for the kids!

Here is a link to the BBC guide on paper mache. I would type it out, but the sun is calling my name – or rather its time for my tan at Salon de Jardin.

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