Yesterday and today are glorious days and I started to have a think about how I could get some “me” time. It sounds insane, because nobody is going anywhere there is no rushing around, but that is just my point. My husband and I need to escape each other from time to time.

We’ve done the usual, designated rooms during the day – I get the conservatory he gets the office and somehow we end up glued to the news in the main living room. But this created a series of bad habits.

One latte to go (nowhere), please

My husband has worked from home for many years and after doing his site visits he used to love going to a coffee shop for a latte. His little treat and space outside the house. But there are no more site visits, and no more coffee shops to be sat in. BUT…we have coffee machine!

This is my second coffee machine because I do love a good coffee. And even though I insist it must have a milk frother and I have two sets of mugs to prepare the lattes and cappuccinos, like so many others I don’t use the frother more than once every six months, in fact I don’t think I’ve used it in the last 12 months.

I am now encouraging all of you who, like me, have abandoned your frothers! Somewhere between 3 and 4pm in our house is “Casa de Costa” hour. And we don’t sit together. Its his time for space. Although I am in charge of producing the goods. But it is the least I can do seeing as he is doing all he can to keep the cash coming in. After all, no cash means no posh coffee.

It also gives you something to do for the kids, or even impose on the kids if they are teenagers. If they are of the age that they require bribery to move from the couch, they can run the coffee shop in the morning, preparing brekkie or even bake the cakes or muffins the evening before, for treats for extra pocket money, or a paddling pool, or an afternoon off homework to enjoy the sun. It can be part of the schedule or fall part of that long last subject “Domestic Science”. You may even ignite a passion for baking and cooking!

But if they are still gorgeously cute and just want to help to be part of the fun – even better. Get a toy till and get playing!

Nothing is better than sitting down at 7:30 am, having had the little ones ring up your treats only for you to say – and now you can’t talk to me. I’m a customer and I’m reading my kindle. You have to sit very quietly over there for 20 minutes and make sure the till is safe and the counters are clean (well that could be a stretch, but you get my point).

Enjoy your “Casa de Costas” and let us know your twist on the activity or what you persuaded the teenagers to bake!

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