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This Wednesday, like so many others, my husband and I were due to fly to Mallorca. Obviously this isn’t happening.

But, at a time when we are all stressed out by a variety of different of complex issues, just because we are at home, doesn’t mean we can’t still take our much needed holidays.

Saving money for us, again much like others, is a priority. My husband’s business is going OK but I am left unemployed for the foreseeable with roles being pulled, interviews being cancelled and recruiters themselves being furloughed. This is a tricky time for all of us, but I will not let this time steal any more of my joy!

So this year, we will be hosting some of our Mallorca trip from our back-garden and whilst we are at it, we will be grateful for having a garden as so many don’t, and we will do what we can to save money.

Clearing the drinks cupboard – from Quando to Kondo

I love my wine, but right now trying to combine my daily walk allowance with one weekly necessity shop (wine is a necessity for my sanity) is almost impossible, well not impossible, it just doesn’t bring me any “joy”.

Last Friday the sheer thought of walking 15 minutes up the hill home, with 4 bottles of my beloved Chenin Blanc chinking away as I play human dodge-ball on a path barely 2 meters wide (along with carrying other heavy necessities like milk) gave me a headache worse than a white wine hangover.

So after firstly reducing the milk in my trolley (the shelves look bare anyway) I ended up throwing two bathmats into my trolley (because that did seem important at the time) and calling my husband for a lift home, besides I did do the walk down the hill after all. But this got me thinking about how I have plenty of old but probably acceptable booze at home.

So Marie Kondo, I see your joy challenge regarding cardi’s and raise you my drinks cabinet. I have found 3 bottles of unopened Gin (all gifts I hasten to add), a bottle of southern comfort, 2 bottles of rum from previous hols (no one leaves the Caribbean without at least one bottle and then never drinks it), Vodka (more gifts I swear) – the list goes on and on. Some of these items are over 5 years old. There is even a cherry chocolate liqueur (bleurgh).

I won’t even be buying a jug to make the punch in, although I was tempted with some gorgeous ones on John Lewis. But I found an old wine decanter from my (ahem) 30th birthday that kinda looks like a jug and sangria is made from wine – that’s £15 saved on the jug alone, never mind the actual cost of the sangria in Mallorca.

Next week I will be in my back garden – don’t worry not in my swimswear – with a cocktail in hand and a smug smile on my non-sun kissed face having impressed Martin Lewis, Marie Kondo and Lindsay Lohan at the same time! #Winning

“Holiday” snaps to follow. Recipes under Food and Drink – hello rum punch!


I’m still trying to convince my darling husband that this one is a good idea. But as a co-director of a tiny company facing the ongoing covid complexities, I take his point now is not the time to be turning down business.

However, for those of you who have more standard roles and can do so, I urge you to take time out for yourself and to switch on your Out Of Office so you can switch off. Because whilst many of you may be working from your homes – you are still working and therefore still entitled to your time off. You probably need this down time even more because many of you will not only be working from home, you doubling and tripling up as teachers, carers, delivery drivers. So going on “holiday” is important.

Take the kids with – build a sandpit

Full disclosure, we don’t have kids. I only say this as I may post helpful things to do with little ones, but don’t want to have any “Doctor” Gillian McKeith moments. Sorry Gill.

So have a look under “Keeping Busy” for sandpit ideas, just in case you were due to go on holibobs with little ones.

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