Summer is almost upon us but with no idea when the lock down will lift here or indeed at any of our favourite hot spots, its time to think about how we can enjoy our gardens, patios balconies or even kitchen floors! If it is a sun trap I say use it!

On a previous post I spoke about how my Mallorca holiday is no more but the party will go on in our small but now very much loved back garden.

So whilst I am looking forward to sitting in my garden under my newly purchased patio heater sipping my homemade sangria, my mind now turns to the little ones.

Turn your garden into an oasis

If you have a spare paddling pool that your kids have outgrown – great use that! If not, Argos has some some small paddling pools for sale – two of my favourites are show above. But I’m sure many of you will have other genius and money saving ideas so please reply to this post and let us all know.

Simply fill your unused paddling pool with child friendly sand. Argos also sells children’s play sand (I’m sure it is available elsewhere, I have no affiliation to Argos!)

Once you have your pit, start building your oasis. Why not add an old beach umbrella, make some bunting with your kids they can hang up or even put a bigger paddling pool alongside the sand pit to create a full beach effect. Don’t forget about games like Swingball!

Or even popping some fun lilos out on the grass. You don’t need expensive garden furniture to relax, nothing says holiday like drinking a brightly coloured drink whilst lying on an ice lolly lilo, even if you are doing it on small balcony. All the while adding fun and colour to your little one’s world, or even just brightening up your own.

I saw this on on 5 April 2020

Bug’s life

I mean I loved the movie and great to crack it out again for little ones, but when it comes to sandpits – what about keeping bugs out?

Cinnamon isn’t just for hot cross buns. We all have some cinnamon at the back of our cupboards somewhere. Be it a stick or a powder (just not the kind mixed with sugar – you’re asking for trouble!)

You will need to add a fair bit though. A lot more than a little jar, so have a look online for bigger bags. But the reason to add Cinnamon is because it is a non-toxic natural bug repellent that even smells nice!

Other top tips include adding cornflour around the edge to deter ants. But crucially never allow food consumption inside the pit. Any crumbs will attract all manor of bugs.

Plastic milk bottles

It’s not all about spending money – its about saving too. If you have kids, you are probably going to have a lot of plastic milk bottles. Don’t throw them away, they are great for the sandpit. Cut in half – the bottom half can be used to build sandcastles, the top half as a water carrier!

Plastic milk bottles are also great for growing herbs and strawberries which you can add to your outdoor oasis, and gives little hands something they can tend to.

Remove the top quarter of the bottle, leaving the handle and the full base. You can either fill with soil and your favourite herbs. Mint can be used in home mojito’s #justsaying! Slide a pole through the handles to gather together as seen in the image below taken from

In the image below, they appear to have used the “already grown type” you can pick up with your “necessity shopping”. Remember if you are growing from scratch to pop some holes, even if just with a scissor, in the base to allow for good drainage.

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