Got your Back was set up in March 2020 to help provide a hub of information, support and entertainment during the Covid-19 Coronavirus Crisis. It’s designed to be community supported, and a safe space for anyone who needs it – we’ve Got Your Back :

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  • Marie Kondo to Magarita Pracatan
    So tomorrow is going to be a glorious day – 21 degrees apparently. In fact, I've lucked out – it will actually be hotter in Liverpool than Palma! #winning(again) To get us in the holiday spirit, I've included some background music featuring a local hero and the fabulous Magarita (not the drink this time, but … Read more
  • Apple Sultana Bran Muffins
    So I have mentioned in a couple of different blogs about saving milk, try making these "health" muffins instead of cereal, only then to contradict myself by saying make frothy coffees, and whilst you're at it, serve with these muffins. So okay, life is never simple. But these muffins are! I call them "healthy" because … Read more
  • Home Street (Part 2)
    Salon de Jardin Over the last few days, we've decluttered the conservatory and tried to make it more "outdoorsy", and I've imposed a coffee shop (see Home Street part 1) and a salon space. This is brilliant for us as it gives us space apart from each other and also a chance to do the … Read more
  • Home Street (Part 1)
    Yesterday and today are glorious days and I started to have a think about how I could get some "me" time. It sounds insane, because nobody is going anywhere there is no rushing around, but that is just my point. My husband and I need to escape each other from time to time. We've done … Read more
  • National Theatre at home
    The Friday before the Covid-19 lockdown began my other half and I were due to go with some friends to see a play at the Liverpool Playhouse – unfortunately everything was postponed and no-one knows quite when our cultural hubs are going to be able to jump back in to life. But never fear – … Read more

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